We Have All the Options You Want!

We have the options to make your cargo trailer the

Top Quality Metal

Choose from .024 to .050 Premium Metal with many colors to choose from

Stylish Wheels

Choose from our selection of great looking wheels to finish off your look

BBQ Porches

Porches can be customized to fit your brand!

Concession Windows

Several sizes and combinations

Door Options

Customize your door location and size!

Getting the custom trailer you want is easy with Boss Cargo Trailers.  We offer a wide variety of options that help you build the perfect trailer for your needs.  Because so many choices are available, we are committed to providing personal service every step of the way. 

Shop our online inventory of cargo trailers and build yours using our secure, online store knowing at any point we are standing by to walk you through the ordering process.  Although customizing your trailer may add production days, you will get exactly what you want!

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Below is an online catalog of all most requested options.  To select options, choose them in your online shopping cart where you can add the specific options you want to the size trailer you choose.  If you want to view a comprehensive list of options, click below!

Exterior Colors

color chart

Two Tone Exterior

Two Tone exterior metal with slanted Anodized or ATP Divider

Two Tone Exterior with Slanted Sides and Rear

Two Tone exterior metal with 24"- 48" slanted sides and rear

Three Tone Exterior with Slanted Sides and Rear

Three Tone exterior metal with 24"- 48" slanted sides and rear


Extended Tongues

Get better turning radius with an extended tongue. Comes in 60" and 72". Tongue shown is 72"

Spare Tire Mount

No one ever regretted having a spare tire! Available in interior and exterior mount options.

Flat Front

Great option for those needing space for a generator. Standard feature. Shown with propane tank cages

Slant V Nose

The Slant V Nose adds an aerodynamic, sporty look to your cargo trailer.


wall d ring

Wall or Floor D Rings

D Rings provide a way to secure your cargo. Securely welded to the trailer frame.

Scissor Jack

A great upgrade to stabilize your trailer and make leveling easier.

Fold Down Stabilizer Jacks

Fold down stabilizer jacks are essential for your trailer. Sold by the pair.

Wall and Floor E Trac

A solution that gives you more flexibility to secure cargo. Welded to the frame.


barn door

Barn Door

Barn doors are great for many purposes. Bar locks add extra security for your cargo

Ramp Door

Ramp Doors make loading and unloading easy! Heavy duty door shown here.

Escape Door

Excape doors make accessing your cargo much more convenient. Great feature for car haulers

Side Doors

Side doors are availbale in various sizes. Great way to access your cargo quickly.

Silver Mod

Budget-friendly, standard rim for your cargo trailer

Black Spoke

Black spoke wheels are a modest upgrade providing a sleek look

Star Mag

Star Mags are a hot-looking upgrade. Shown with black inlay.

Spider Mag

Spider Mags are a hot-looking upgrade for your trailer. Head turner!


Non Powered Roof Vent

Ventilation helps with interior temps and better air flow.

Sidewall Vents

Sidewall vents help with temps and air flow. Comes in black and aluminum

Air Conditioner

Comes in 13,500 and 15,000 BTU. Stay cool when working or playing!

Hood Vents

We have a variety of hood vents for concession trailers.


Upgraded Front Corners

Upgrade corners with ATP or Anodized metal trim

anodized rear corners

Upgraded Rear Corners & Header

Add style to your trailer by uograding to rear corners & header

DOT Reflector Tape

Stay safe! Add DOT reflector tape to your exterior

ATP Jeep Fenders

Jeep fenders adds a sporty look to your trailer exterior

Slanted Stone Guard

Slanted stone guard adds a great look and protects your trailer

24" ATP, Anodized or Colored Sides and Rear

24" colored sides and rear are great for showing off your brand

12"ATP, Anodized or Colored Sides and Rear

12" colored sides and rear are great for showing off your brand

boss cargo trailers

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Black & White Flooring

Great for concession and race packages!

Gray Slate Flooring

Gray slate is great for specialty trailers needing a high end look.

Rubber Tread Plate Flooring

Rubber tread plate flooring is super durable and easy to maintain.

Rubber Coin Flooring

Rubber coin flooring is super durable and easy to maintain.

atp flooring

Aluminum Tread Plate Flooring

Super shiny look. Great for concession and race packages!

Metal Walls & Ceilings

Metal Walls & Ceilings are easy to clean and durable.

Vinyl Walls and Ceilings

Vinyl Walls & Ceilings are easy to clean and durable.

Raw Luan Ceiling

Luan ceiling is a budget-friendly option to add a smoother finish


Base Front Cabinet

Adding cabinetry provides valuable storage! Available in a several colors.

Specialty Cabinets

Specialized cabinetry gives you more options and functionality

Overhead Cabinets

Adding overhead cabinetry gives you valuable extra storage!

Cabinets with Sinks

Sink are a great add on. Not just for concession trailers!


Electrical Packages

Electrical packages are essential to powering your trailer. Comes in 30 and 50 amp.

Motor Base Plug

Easier to access to your power outside. Comes in 30 and 50 amp.

dome light

Dome Light

A lighting basic for your interior.

LED Flat Panel Light

Clear light from LED to illuminate your trailer interior

Angled Racing Lights

A snappy addition to you exterior.

loading light

Loading Light

Loading in the dark? No problem when you add this rear loading light

Snakeskin Cord Wrap

Neater, safer and better! Add snake skin wrap for better wire management

Dual Tail Lights

Dual LED taillights not only add a great looking feature, bit also add a safety element


ATP Platform on Tongue

Looks great and provides an excellent space for your generator

Egress Window

An egress window provides extra ventilation, light and a safety exit

Rear Spoiler

This adds a flair to your trailer's design! A must for those wanting a modern look

Spread Axles

Spread axles are one of our most requested upgrades


Water Packages

Water packages are essential for a concession trailer. Two sizes available.

Concession Doors

Doors come in several sizes with add ons like glass and screens!


Porches are a must for the outdoor chefs! Several styles available.

Sink Packages

Our sink packages available in several configurations.

The BOSS Motorcycle Package

The BOSS Motorcycle package comes with 6 D Rings, a pair of stabilizer jacks, and chrome rims.    Choose between 24″ anodized, ATP, or colored metal down the sides and rear.

Upgraded Sides and Rear

Choose between 24" anodized, ATP, or colored metal down the sides and rear.

D Rings

Six D Rings are included in this package.

Chrome Rims

Chrome rims are head turners! Adds a sporty look to your motorcycle trailer

Stabilizer Jacks

Buy these by the pair. Keeps your trailer stable.

The BOSS Blackout Package

BOSS Cargo Trailers offers the BOSS Blackout Package!
This includes all black trim, black ATP fenders, black door trim, black stone and nose guards, a black ATP step well (on 8.5 wide trailers only), black bar lock with black hasp on ramp door and black steel wheels